Letting go…

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Letting go…

Take a deep breath…breathing in calm…breathing out tension…and let the wind carry it away.


Breathing deeply is one of the easiest, yet most frequently overlooked skill we have for calming ourselves during times of stress. Many of us go through our days breathing mindlessly – not aware of how, or even if, we’re really breathing deeply. Practicing mindful breathing is one my favorite short and simple exercises for finding a sense of calm.

1.       Begin by focusing, without judgment, on your breath. Allow your breath to come slower and notice you belly expanding more and more as you allow your lungs to fill up fully with air.

2.       As you exhale, imagine completely emptying your lungs of air. Slowly and comfortably push all of that air out of your lungs, so that they may be filled once again by your inhale.

3.       Then, after focusing simply on this breathing for a few moments, bring to mind a positive word that represents a feeling or state that you would like to have. Words for this might be: peace, calm, acceptance. You can find one that speaks to you. You can choose the same word each time you practice or select a new word depending on what you’re needing in any given moment.

4.       Next, select a word to represent a negative or painful feeling that you’ve been carrying around. We’ve all got one…most of the time we’re not aware of it, but there’s usually something there. Common words people choose here are: tension, anger, stress, nervousness, doubt. Again, choose one that fits for you.

5.       Now, as you take your deep breath in, say to yourself, “I breathe in Peace” (or whatever word you’ve chosen). Notice what “Peace” feels like as you fill your lungs and your body with it. Hold for just a second…then exhale saying “I breath out “tension” (replace with your own word, if you choose).

6.       As you exhale, imagine that now you’re not just releasing the air from your lungs but you’re also releasing your hold on that negative feeling. Imagine it leaving your body and being picked up and carried gently away by the breeze.

7.       Enjoy a sense of calm.



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