Trauma & Dissociation

Trauma is both an event and a response. Traumatic events are those experiences that threaten our sense of safety such as abuse, vehicle accidents, combat, and more. The traumatic response often lasts long after the event and results in symptoms such as anxiety, flashbacks, depression, nightmares, relationship difficulties and substance abuse.

General Counseling

Each of us face times in our life where our usual resources are stretched thin, unexpected challenges occur, or we could just use the support and expertise of a mental health expert. Challenges such as grief / loss, anxiety, relationship issues, and more are common yet difficult aspects that come with being human. Although these may be normal experiences, they can have a very significant impact your life.

Counselor Supervision

Becoming a counselor is an exciting and scary process! As counselors we have the honor and responsibility to provide the best possible services to our clients. However, learning how to do this takes time and practice. In my own experience, nothing has been more helpful to me in my development than the guidance and support of my supervisors and mentors.